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One Of The Leaders In Cartridges
Imaging Supplies Market Since 1962

The Turbon name stands for 60 years of innovation in the imaging supplies market. The Turbon Group was founded in 1962 and headquartered in Hattingen, Germany. Initially starting off as an injection moulding supplier of plastic components, it quickly diversified through vertical integration to a leader in the impact printer ribbon business. In 1990, the Turbon Group entered the aftermarket laser supplies market and has grown into one of the largest European remanufacturers of laser cartridges, following a business model built on quality, sustainability, and well-defined environmental objectives.

Our main environmental goal is to keep the toner cartridge landfill at the lowest level possible and we manage to do that through a high recycling ratio and zero waste philosophy within our remanufacturing process, thus achieving the highest level of sustainability.

The Leadership

We believe the goal of our leadership at Turbon Romania is to develop more Leaders. Thus our capacity to set and achieve challenging goals, to take fast and decisive actions, to outperform the competition and inspire others to do their best lies with our team below.

Codrut Negru

Managing Director

Our Team

Our Skillfull Team's Number One Priority Is To Ensure An Outstanding Customer Experience. We Are Focused And Fully Committed In Understanding The Customer's Needs And Seeking Our Customer's Best Interests.

Alexandru Gaman

Color Production Manager

Alexandra Trache

Color Production Assistant

Luiza Ghinea

HP Production Manager

Stefan Slav

HP Production Assistant

Valentina Simion

Packaging Production Assistant

Nicu Grovu

Maintainance Manager

Andreea Florescu

Customer Service Manager

Luiza Arsene

Junior Customer Service

Georgiana Riru

Junior Customer Service

George Voicu

Logistics Manager

Roxana Visan

Logistics Assistant

Cristina Inceu

Sales Support Officer

Valentin Nastasache

Warehouse Manager

Alina Birneata

QC Manager

Mihaita Serbu

R&D Engineer

Mihai Achim


Valentina Tugui


Daniela Onofrei

Financial Director

Mirela Ciolacu

Senior Accountant

Gabriela Mihai

Cost Analyst

Elena Dima

Compliance Manager

Liana Banateanu

Environment Responsible



One Of The Leaders In

Imaging Supplies Market Since 1962

We pursue excellence and are committed to having value in our products that exceeds our customer’s expectations. Our objective is to provide high-performance and quality products whilst operating responsibly in the application of ethical and environmental practices.

Our Expertise

Our state-of-the-art Manufacturing process ensures high-performance products

Environment Friendly

Our products are remanufactured in Europe in accordance with the stringest environmental standards

Guaranteed Safety

Our products do not infringe OEM patents ensuring 100% Safety to our customers


Useful parts of the cartiridges are re-used while unusable parts are recycled as a part or our zero-waste program

Mission, Vision,
Core Values

We offer our customers a partnership in cost savings while being fully commited to high-quality products and reducing environmental impact.

Mission Icon


To provide consumers with an high quality, cost effective & environment friendly alternative to the OEM.

Vision Icon


Enabling organizations across the globe to not only lower their printing costs but also reduce their environmental impact.

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Core Values

Customer Focused, Culture Driven and Environment Conscious

A Global Presence

Turbon is active on 4 continents through our manufacturing and logistic centers and sales offices which ensures fast services for our global customers

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