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The concept of sustainability is consciously embedded in the business of TURBON (ROMANIA). We accept responsibility for the environment, for our products and the supply chain, for the company, society and our employees. Because we believe that this is how we can make a difference for the society which we live in: to BEHAVE RESPONSIBLE!

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We would require at least three planets if everyone lived and consumed like the average European today. The best way to create a sustainable future is to design it… starting today! Remanufacturing products that give maximum use with minimal environmental impact is central to sustainability. Reducing, reusing, recycling are the 3 essential directions that companies should consider when designing their sustainable future.

Zero Waste

Zero waste and recycling-oriented company, Turbon wants to promote its new values towards customers, employees and community. The reason behind this is the clear commitment to be a good corporate “citizen”. And we take this responsibility seriously in all areas of our activity. We have begun on our path almost 20 years ago with successful products and an honest and reliable partnership with our customers, employees and suppliers.

Our Contributions

Zero Waste

Protecting and preserving the environment in day-to-day life is more than fulfilling legal requirements.

Ecological Action

Turbon Romania teamed-up with a local NGO, in a notable environmental action on the Romanian shore of the Danube river. Significant amounts of waste has been collected from the Danube shore and a nearby forest area.

National Forestation Initiative

Turbon Romania is excited to take part in a National Forestation initiative at the end of November.

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