IBM Cartridges

IBM Cartridges

Our IBM toner cartridges are designed specifically to render excellent print quality and provide OEM equivalent mechanical reliabilty at competitive prices.

Our designs are perfected at every stage of the manufacturing process and are made to go through extensive testing to ensure that our IBM compatible toner cartridges work perfectly with your machines and cater to all your needs.


Our cartridges are OEM equivalent in terms of print quality and mechanical reliability


We provide thoroughly tested and high-quality products at competitive prices


Our toner cartridges are IBM-certified

Product Features

High Performance

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process is ensuring high-performance in mechanical reliability and print quality for our products. We pursue excellence and are committed to creating value that exceeds customer expectations.

High Quality

Our IBM certified product line is manufactured under rigorous assembly procedures and stringent quality testing in the production line and in our certified testing laboratories.

IBM Brand

IBM quality stands for our commitment to achieve the highest standards of quality and page yield performance at competitive prices.



One Of The Leaders In

Imaging Supplies Market Since 1962

We pursue excellence and are committed to having value in our products that exceeds our customer’s expectations. Our objective is to provide high-performance and quality products whilst operating responsibly in the application of ethical and environmental practices.

Our Expertise

Our state-of-the-art Manufacturing process ensures high-performance products

Environment Friendly

Our products are remanufactured in Europe in accordance with the stringest environmental standards

Guaranteed Safety

Our products do not infringe OEM patents ensuring 100% Safety to our customers


Useful parts of the cartiridges are re-used while unusable parts are recycled as a part or our zero-waste program

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